双语美文:一日吸狗 终身复吸!

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I woke up with drool on my pillow this morning.早上醒来时,我发现枕头上有一滩口水

I wouldn't have minded except it wasn't mine.或许我不应该介意,可是那不是我的口水

The alarm clock rang,闹钟响了起来

I reached over to turn it off,我探身过去关掉了它

and then as I laid my face back down on the pillow接着躺回床上,脸埋进枕头里

I felt the wet, slimy drool on my pillow case.我感到枕头上又湿又粘的口水已经流到了脸上

I opened my eyes我睁开眼睛  

and saw a smiling, panting, furry face gazing down at me.看到一张毛乎乎的脸盯着我微笑,嘴巴直喘气

 I tried to get up but she was too fast.我想要坐起身,可是她动作太快了

My face was suddenly covered in kisses我的脸突然被一阵亲亲湮没  

with one slurp going straight up my nostril其中一吻,它的舌头径直戳到了我的鼻孔里

and another right in my ear.还有一吻,舌头舔到了我的耳朵里

I laughed, reached out,我大笑起来,伸手去抚摸它

picked up the 8 pound love machine把这只8磅重的激情动物抱住  

and held her away from my dripping face.让她碰不到我湿漉漉的脸

It was just another morning in a life with dogs.这只是养狗人士的一个寻常的早晨

Why do we welcome these guys为什么我们要欢迎这些动物

into our homes and into our hearts?住进我们的家里,走进我们的心里?

We know going in that我们知道,一日狗党,终身狗党 

we are most likely going to outlive them他们很有可能在我们之前死去  

and have our hearts broke让我们心碎  

But thousands of years now dogs have been our best friends.可是早在数千年以前,狗狗就已经成为人类的好朋友了

They remain one of the greatest gifts ever given to us.他们是我们被赐予的最好的礼物之一

And even if they can't love us for the rest of our lives,即使他们对我们的爱无法延续到我们生命的最后一天

 they will always love us for all of theirs.却会贯穿他们一生的每一天

I think one of the hardest things for me to do对我来说,最艰难的事情之一  

was take my little Jamie to her first few days of day care/preschool.就是带我的小Jamie去狗狗幼育中心的最初那几天

It was a heart melting thing that no parent can do easily.那真是一件令人心碎的事情,没有那个狗狗家长能够轻易办到

The first day we pulled into the parking lot第一天,我们刚在停车场停好车

and when I looked at Jamie我看着Jamie

she starts to cry then I start to cry.她哭了起来,接着我也哭了起来

After a couple days of cutting school我们不得不旷课了几天  

we were both determined to succeed the next week.但我们都下定决心,在下个星期,一定要成功适应

We drive over about 6 times that weekend那个周末,我们来来回回去了六趟幼育中心

and on the last one I had an idea.对最后一趟行程的窘境一无所知

There was a big muddy lot next to the day care.原来,幼育中心旁边的停车场里满是泥浆

Monday morning comes and we were ready.周一早上来临,我们已经准备好了

All proud and confident we head to The Day care.我们开车前往幼育中心,心里满满的骄傲和自信

I noticed a bunch of parents staring at us我发现一群狗狗家长盯着我们  

and there must have been 20 little noses pressed against the classroom windows.起码有20只小小的鼻子抵在教室的窗户上看着我们

We were little celebrities.我们俨然是小明星

As I am leaving当我准备离开的时候,

 I crank it up and say I love you James我装作开心的大声说,我爱你Jamie

 have fun today玩得开心!

and all the kids wave bye to me.中心所有的小狗狗都向我摇尾告别

No tears no tears no tears.别哭,别哭,别哭!

Jamie was the only child that didn't cry that week.Jamie是那个星期唯一一只没有哭的小狗

When the day came to remove her from D/C当我们告别幼育中心的那一天到来的时候

I was told by most the staff that几乎所有的员工都对我说

Jamie was a well behaved inspiration to all the other kidsJamie一直表现的很好,是其他狗狗们的榜样  

and will be greatly missed for the rest of the year.它离开之后,大家都会非常想念它

The way I see it is that 这件事情给我的启示是

make sure you have your share of fun in life在生活中一定要有自己的乐趣 

cause you're darn sure to have your share of the other因为,毫无疑问,你的生活中也会有痛苦

and try never to be afraid to do things your way.走自己的路,永远不要胆怯